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As Consultants and developers, Junub Engineering Consultants Ltd is well equipped to undertake the most technical consulting and to direct and manage the works from design to

Who we are

South Sudan has had a semi-autonomous government since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, and the country has been preparing for transition to full autonomy since the January 2011 referendum, in which nearly 99 percent of South Sudanese voted to separate from the North. Even with this preparation, the government is faced with tremendous hurdles: a country with very little infrastructure, only about 100 miles of paved roads in a territory about the size of France.

Following the country’s independence, a group of returnee professionals of diversified Engineering background founded Junub Engineering Consultants Ltd, a state-wide engineering consultancy firm operating within the 10 states of South Sudan.

The company is fully owned and managed by South Sudanese. We supplement our strength and expertise with contract staff and partnership with other local and international firms.

For most of our projects, we carry out support technical activities like social – economic studies, topographical and cadastral surveys, geographical and materials survey and testing, water quality sampling and testing, groundwater assessment and testing and hydrological investigations. During construction, we maintain Quality and Price controls through Project Management, Quality control and contract Administration systems.

Where we work

  • Northern Bahr Ghazal
  • Western Bahr Ghazal
  • Western Equatoria
  • Central Equatoria
  • Eastern Equatoria
  • Jonglei State
  • Unity State
  • Upper Nile State
  • Warrap State
  • Lakes State


JUNUB Engineering Consultants Ltd is managed by two Directors who are broadly experienced in Engineering, Accountancy and Management. The firm’s core staff consists of Engineers, and Administrative support. This figure occasionally goes up when regular contract staffs are called in to assist in specific projects.

Adam Paskiewicz

Managing Director

Eng. Adam is responsible for the overall management of the firm as well as providing contract Management oversight of all the projects

Buga Ramadan

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The founder and Chief Operating Officer, Buga has 15 years of experience in Engineering Consulting Operations. He oversees our strategy, operations and Business Development

We are Registered.

  • South Sudan Engineering Council (SSEC),
  • The Ministry of Environment of South Sudan.
  • Ministry of Petroleum, registration for the Oil and Gas service
  • UNGM

we are registered

Major Clients:

  • South Sudan Urban Water Corporation (SSUWC)
  • SMEC International Pty Ltd
  • UNICEF South Sudan
  • Sudd Petroleum Operating Company (SPOC)_South Sudan
  • African Development Bank
  • WSP Africa
  • Solidarities International


  • SMEC International Pty Ltd_Australia
  • WSP Africa_South Africa
  • GOPA Infra_Germany
  • ECGA_Egypt
  • UNOPS South Sudan
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