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South Sudan has had a semi-autonomous government since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, and the country has been preparing for transition to full autonomy since the January 2011 referendum, in which nearly 99 percent of South Sudanese voted to separate from the North. Even with this preparation, the government to date is faced with tremendous hurdles: a country with very little infrastructure, only about 100 miles of paved roads in a territory about the size of France.

Following the country’s independence, a group of returnee professionals of various Engineering backgrounds founded JUNUB Engineering Consultants Ltd, a statewide engineering consultancy firm operating within the 10 states of South. We wanted to participate in the creation, improvement, and protection of the country’s communal environment by providing engineering services to help improve facilities for living, industry and transportation, roads, bridges, water-supply systems, dams, irrigation within communities in South Sudan.

The company is fully owned and managed by South Sudanese. We supplement our strength and expertise with contract staff and partnership with other local and international firms.


Power and Energy

JUNUB Engineering Consultants is passionate about having both expert local knowledge and strong established relationships to manage the complex logistics of working over large areas in remote locations. We are able to provide assistance with a variety of requirements including procurement, geotechnical, design, investigation, planning, inspection, supervision, certification and management of projects for the power and energy industries.



JUNUB Engineering Consultants Ltd is a leader in integrated transportation services throughout the infrastructure life cycle from concept and design to operation and maintenance. We employ qualified professionals who deliver quality engineering solutions incorporating the latest global technologies.

For most of our projects, we carry out support technical activities like social – economic studies, topographical and cadastral surveys, geographical and materials survey and testing, water quality sampling and testing, groundwater assessment and testing and hydrological investigations. During construction, we maintain Quality and Price controls through Project Management, Quality control and contract administration systems.


Water and Waste Engineering

JUNUB Engineering Consultants’ comprehensive water engineering services span the abstraction, conveyance, storage and drainage of raw, potable, treated and waste water. We have substantial experience in large multidisciplinary water and wastewater treatment projects in South Sudan. JEC has undertaken water resources planning studies, reconnaissance studies and water services master plans for the private clients.



JUNUB Engineering Consultants has a crop of environmental, water and sanitary engineers, environmental planners and economists capable of developing short, medium and long-term plans to address a variety of environmental challenges. At JEC, we provide you with sustainable mitigation measures for complex environmental problems associated with urban, commercial, infrastructure and industrial developments. We always seek balance between the resources of a site and the needs of the local communities and clients.


Structures, Building and Housing

JUNUB Engineering Consultants Ltd, undertakes field investigations, planning, conceptual and schematic designs, detailed engineering designs, supervision of construction and project management for housing projects, buildings and other structures including bridges, dams, water towers and storage tanks. Our expertise in housing stretches from slum upgrading to new neighborhood planning and provision of all infrastructures for states governments, International organizations and private developers.

We are driven by providing functional efficient and environmentally responsible planning and engineering services, using the state-of-the-art technology to give the most cost-effective solutions consistent with approved standards and local needs.

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Our Clients include various public and private agencies and international organizations as well as global funding organizations.

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